Rutland Water Benefice

Icthus Groups

Launch of Icthus Groups

Icthus Groups across the Benefice was launched in July 2016. Each of our ten parishes was invited to set up and run its own Icthus Group, which take place in a group member’s home.

What's involved

The idea is for each group to run independently, agreeing amongst its own members as to how often and on which day to meet - to pray for the needs of that particular parish, for the Benefice and the wider world. Prayer within the group might be silent or said aloud, depending on the preferences of each group member.

It also provides an opportunity for learning more from the Bible, with a text being chosen for each meeting by a member of the group for meditation and discussion.

Find out more

If you are interested in participating in an Icthus Group near you or would like more information about them, please email Caroline Simmonds

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