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About advertising in the Rutland Water Parishes Magazine

Approximately 1600 copies of the Rutland Water Parishes Magazine are printed each month and delivered free of charge to every home in the ten parishes. If you are interested in advertising in the Magazine you may find the following information useful.

Brief outline and costs of adverts                                      

The fees for advertisements for 6 issues are:

  • £140 for ½ page (landscape)
  • £70 for ¼ page (portrait)
  • £25 for a ‘short ads’ (2 lines)

Payment is required either by post with your completed form or via e-transfer.

It is not possible to make any alterations to adverts until the end of the 6-month period. The next period begins in October.

Requirements of copy

Copy must be provided in final digital form as a PDF or Word file (unfortunately, alternative formats which may have been provided by a professional are unsuitable).

Sizing of copy:

  • ½ page - 88mm high by 130mm wide (landscape)
  • ¼ page - 88mm high by 63mm wide (portrait)

How to proceed with an advert request

For further information or to receive an application form, please email Angela at: magazinerwb@outlook.com

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